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International Buddha Education Institute (IBEI) is an International Buddhist Organization having branches in not only in India but also is at all over World. It is Established on 1952 by Name International Buddha Education Institute “Sakyasingha Rathpala Budhha Monestery, Buddha lok, Meerut Road, Panchsheel Nagar(Hapur), Uttar Pradesh,India . The Institute got itself formally registered by the Registrar of Societies, Uttar Pradesh in 1980-81. There is a popular saying that Lord Gautama the Buddha on his way from MATHURA to HASTINAPUR took a rest for one day in the city THULLAKOTHITTA (ref. MAJHIM NIKAYA) which is now known as HAPUR. Lord Buddha Give ordinance to Ven. RATHAPALA at THULLAKOTHITTA of KURU PRADESH of that time. That place where the Buddha took rest and give ordinance to RATHAPALA is the BUDDHA LOK existing on main HAPUR-MEERUT Road where at present there is an office of International Buddha Education Institute. SAKYASINGHA” RATHAPALA BUDDHA MONASTERY” situated. From its very inception the Institute has been engaged in the welfare works specially for the benefit of destitute women and children and has setup several child welfare Centers and foster homes. At its headquarters at HAPUR it has a campus comprising of 32 rooms which apart from housing the office and the staff of the Institute. activities the Institute is engaged in many philanthropic activities for the benefit of weaker section of the population of the surrounding areas. The Institute time to time organized conferences/workshops/seminar/symposium on

Organized various programs, conference, art and culture programs, seminars, meetings and special courses for Buddhism for attract the attention of the world Buddhist community in many ways for strengthening of  Buddhist  movement and dissemination of Buddhist principles and thoughts to make a pleasant life through the Socio-economic reforms. Buddhism as wells as issues such as Non Conventional Energy Sources, Destitute Children, Social Justice, Environment and Energy, etc.

Our Branches :

1.         Interantional Institute of Buddhist Studies,

             Historical Buddha Monastery Bahadarpur, Jaspur Uttrakhand 

2.         IBEI Branch Pathrani Nainital UK 

3.        Karuna Culture Society, Nagpur Maharashtra

4.         IBEI Branch Jammu & Kashmir  

5.         Dhamma Lok ,Fagota

Mission / Objectives:

  2. To establish Buddhist College, Buddhist Research Centre for advance research in Buddhism.
  3. To establish Buddhist Novice Training Centre
  4. To establish Buddhist Primary Schools, Higher Secondary Schools, Inter Colleges, Education/Technical institutions.
  5. To open Buddhist libraries, recreation centre, etc.
  6. To open Buddhist Hostel for Buddhist Scholars and Buddhist Monk.
  7. To preserve and develop Promote, protect the culture heritage of Himalayan Region of (INDIA) and its Cultural Heritages.
  8. To preserve and develop Buddhist Culture of (INDIA) and it’s Cultural Heritages.
  9. To be organizing Study & Research on Culture Heritage/Traditional Folk Art Training Programme
  10. To establish Research Centre for advance research in Social Science & Technology.
  11. To be organizing Medical/Dental health Camps.
  12. To Promote and stengthen among the younger generations, observance and pratice of the teachings of Lord Buddha, to inculate piety towards the triple gem, Parents and elders.
  13. To secure unity, solidarity and brotherhood among Buddhist youth.
  14. To organize and carry on activites in yhe field of sovial economic, educational recreational, cultural and religious and other humanitarian services
  15. To work for securing peace and harmony among youth.    
  16. To catalyse, support and strengthen voluntary services.
  17. To Unite all Auddhist in Asia and achieve a close co-operation among Buddhists of the world through co-ordinated action for the promation of The Peace in Asia and the World.
  18. To disseminate and realize the fundamental teachings of Lord Buddha for Peace Justice and human dignity.
  19. To co-operate with other religious and non-religious pace and solidarity movement working for similar objectives.     
  20. To work towards creating positive and supportive climate and conditions for the growth and sustenance of the voluntary work.
  21. To set up research and development of research centers for promotion of historical, scientific and social research information and communication.
  22. To carry on activities of developing research methodologies including agriculture, environment and human welfare and developing agro technology dealing in all quality products as well as agro-based enterprises.
  23. To carry on research on cultivation, plantation, farming, gardening of agricultural and horticultural products including the production, procurement, marketing and distribution of crop seeds, pulses, fruits, vegetables and other agricultural products.
  24. To undertake research and experimentation to improve and diversify the agricultural and food products through the use of agro-technology.
  25. To establish agro-based plants and facilities for research and development all over INDIA in connection with achieving any of the objectives of the society.
  26. To set up prototype research centers, installations, distribution and supply centers to carry on all any of the above activities.
  27. To provide for the benefit of other persons consultancy, advisory, training and management services concerning or connected with anything that the society does in the exercise of its powers or has power to do.
  28. To lead the activities of building up the nation for the sake of country and people.
  29. To conduct participatory action research activities on poverty, marginalization and development.
  30. To find out appropriate strategy for poverty alleviation
  31. To facilitate social actions to eradicate poverty, ignorance and underdevelopment.
  32. To promote knowledge based community through media and Information Technology for disadvantaged people and community.
  33. To inform people about the existing law and policy in favour of people.
  34. To facilitate marginalized population of the society to search the way of raising voice for pro-poor policy making for development.
  35. To facilitate various type of activism on environment.
  36. To facilitate social activism in favour of disadvantaged and deprived population.
  37. To facilitate people to establish accountability of service providing organizations for better service.
  38. To help the resource poor farmers by providing technological support and ensuring food security of the country.
  39. To inform, educate and mobilize people for basic rights and human rights.
  40. To support local press and media to ensure information flow in favour of peripheral people.
  41. To facilitate establishment of community radio to disseminate necessary information and views for better livelihood and development.
  42. To publish various type of documents, newsletter, journals, books, documentary on rights, media, education, gender, developments.
  43. To facilitate advocacy, lobby and seek alliances for policy formulation and reform.
  44. To facilitate the voice of poor to facilitate and participate in survival strategies of the rural poor to gain socio-economic sustainability and a better livelihood standard.
  45. To enhance monitoring of media coverage and promoting information flow.
  46. To rapport building, mutual friendship, networking, sharing and mutual exchange of love and affection of all members and staffs, partner organizations, community people, civil society will form unity, assistance, tolerance, community and brother-hood at every level.
  47. To promote, aid, guide, organize, plan develop and co-ordinate projects/ schemes aimed at all round development and creation of productive employment opportunities, promotion of self-reliance and generation of awareness for improvement in the quality of life of the poor.
  48. To undertake suitable programs for rural advancement and agricultural development.
  49. To establish and maintain contact and collaborate with order individuals, organizations, institutions, bodies and societies in India and abroad for furthering the objects of Society.
  50. To obtain membership and to fees for membership of any national and international bodies, institution, organization and subscribe to their publication for furtherance of the object of Society.
  51. To purchase construct, improve, maintain, develop, manage, control and superintend any kind of physical establishments relayed to poverty alleviation and educational, religious, rural, industrial and infrastructural development, relief and rehabilitation and welfare programs of Society.
  52. To purchase charter, hire, build or otherwise acquire vehicles of any kind of every sort for the purposes of Society.
  53. To go on full cordial attempt to remove the violence against women, dowry custom etc. and will include special educational programs for the rights issue, governance issue, gender issue, women empowerment etc.
  54. To adopt various voluntary works and initiatives like neat and cleanliness campaign, tree plantation campaign, EPI camps, programs against the city environment pollution, voluntary blood donation ceremony, eye treatment and donation program after death, campaign for good governance, anti globalization movement, fare trade movement, Local/National/International issue based rights movements etc.
  55. To provide various health services through hygienic awareness, organizing vaccination programs, eye and dental camps , arranging pure drinking water supply, providing sanitation facilities undertaking or saline and other health related projects and establishing dispensaries, medical centers, clinics, hospitals and pharmaceuticals subject to the prior approval of the competed authority.
  56. To take grants, donations, loans, technical expertise or any other help, needed for its smooth operation, functioning and development and for overall betterment of the disadvantaged targeted community including women, surroundings and environment, from person, local and international donor agencies, financial organizations, autonomous body, banks, government, local government authorities.
  57. To aware people about the consumer rights, road safety, legal aid, etc.
  58. To organize cultural programmes, research workshops, seminars, symposia, conference, etc. on various topics.

  1.  Set up Buddhist Educational and Cultural centers in Asia.
  2.   Relevance of Buddhism in addressing socio-political challenges in Asia.
 3.  Contribution of Buddhism in moral and spiritual development For Socio-economic              reforms in Buddhist Communities. Areas of Buddhist Studies, Intellectual exercises for strengthening of Buddhist movements
Focus  on Buddhist temples and monasteries and their missionary activities in Asia.
Preservations and development of art and culture of Himalayan Heritage.
Funding for promotion of Buddhist centers and its impact
Contribution of Buddhism in material uplift of communities and places.
Neo-Buddhist movements: Dalit movement.
Tibetan Buddhist: Movement and Dilemma.

Recent Seminars/Workshops/Conferences organized

1.       National seminar on “NON CONVENTIONAL ENERGY SOURCES AND                                     ALLEVIATION OF POVERTY” Hapur (1996).

2.       National seminar on “BUDDHISM & WORLD PEACE” Hapur (2000).

3.       Conference on “ROLE OF VOLUNTARY ORGANIZATION IN THE                                                  PROMOTION OF BUDDHIST ART AND CULTURE IN INDIA” Uttarkashi                                  (2000)

4.       National Seminar on “BIO TECHNOLOGY”, Hapur (2002)

5.       National seminar on “MAHA PANDIT RAHULA SANSKRITAYAN’S                                                PHILOSOPHY AND SOCIAL CHANGES IN INDIA”, Meerut (2002)

6.       International workshop on “CHILDREN IN DIFFICULT                                                                             CIRCUMANTANCES”,  Meerut (2002)

7.       National Seminar on “SANSKRIT AS THE STRONG CULTURE BASE OF                                      SOUTHEAST ASIA” Hapur (2002)

8.       National seminar on “DR.B.R. AMBEDKAR AND HIS TEACHINGS”                                                Uttarkashi (2003)

9.       International Conference on “DALITS AND THEIR RIGHTS”, Dehradun           (2003)

10.     National seminar on “YUGPRUSH DR. BABA SAHEB BHIM RAO                                                    AMBEDKAR AND HOLISTIC MOVEMENTS FOUGHT BY HIM FOR THE                                  DEVELOPMENT OF SCHEDULED CASTES AND BUDDHISM” Hapur (2003).

11.     National seminar on “TRADITION & CULTURE OF BUDDHISM AND                                           TRIBAL IN THE ERA OF GLOBLISATION” Ghaziabad (2003)

12.     Workshop on “MEDICAL EQUIPMENT DEVELOPMENT”, Meerut (2003).

13.     Baudh Samelan, Uttarkashi (Uttrakhand), 2004.

14.     Baudh Samelan, Vikas Nagar (Uttrakhand), 2005.

15.     Baudh Samelan, Purola, Uttarkashi (Uttrakhand), 2006.

16.     Baudh Samelan, Kalsi, Uttrakhand, 2007.

17.     Baudh Samelan, Hapur, 2007.

18.     Baudh Samelan, Dehradun, 2008.

19.     Baudh Samelan, Hapur, 2009

20.     Baudh Samelan, Vikasnagar (Uttrakhand) 2010.

21.     Baudh Samelan, Udhams Singh Nagar (Uttrakhand) 2011.

          Recent International Seminars/Workshops/Conferences organized

1.       International Seminar on “Buddhism : Its Origin and Development”, Hapur (2012).

2.       International Seminar on “Buddhism and World Peace”, Hapur  (2013).

3.       International Seminar on “Buddhism and World Peace”, Vikas Nagar,                                            Dehradun, Uttarkhand (2015).

4.       International Seminar on “Buddhist Perspectives On Peace”, Meerut,UP (2016).

5.       “Global Buddhist Conference ”, Thailand (2017).

         Project Successfully Completed

1-      MEGSAT project (Food Processing) of Department of Science &                                                       Technology,Government of India

2-      MEGSAT project (Motor Binding) of Department of Science &                                                           Technology, Government of India

3-     MEGSAT project (Mushroom Preservation and Conservation) of                                                     Department of Science & Technology, Government of India

4-     Buddhist development project of Cultural Department

5-      Ashram Traditional School Project of Ministry of Social Justice and                                                Empowerment, Government of India

6-      DCRWC project of UNICEF(Completed)

7-      DCRVT project of British High Commission(Completed)

8-      DWCRA project of British High Commission(Completed)

10-    STST project of Department of Science & Technology, Government of  India.

11-    Karuna Old Age Home of All India Voluntary Organization and Welfare.